Ghosts in my garden


Five or six years ago I cut down a grapefruit tree in my garden. This was a little sad because blackbirds often nested in it but we didn’t eat the fruit and it was in the way. The blackbirds seem to love citrus trees and now nest in my lemon and tangelo. Anyway, the bare ground underneath grassed over and you can’t see that the tree was ever there. The story isn’t lost though: every so often a small patch of fungi appear on the lawn. I like to think of them as my grapefruit tree ghost, reminding me that grapefruit tree roots are still down there.


6 thoughts on “Ghosts in my garden

  1. Anne

    Although I am unable to identify any of them, I enjoy seeing fungi pop up in the garden. It is interesting that the grapefruit tree spot is a regular fungi place.

  2. scourtney318

    thanks Richard. Fungi is fascinating. Have you seen the fungi growing in the bark between Estuary Arts Centre and the new Orewa Estuary loos?


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