Gannets at Muriwai


There aren’t many gannets at the Muriwai colony that get this kind of solitude – the rural retreat. But I guess gannets get solitude most of the year so perhaps they enjoy the bustle of the breeding colony. The noise is constant, and if you want animal behaviour it’s all here – the fighting, the courting, the mating. I saw one bird get thrown over the cliff by his opponent, but then gannets can fly!


This is more the usual living density which looks ok on a small scale but being stuck in the middle looks a bit claustrophobic to me.


The white-fronted terns choose to have their own spot off to one side.


I was just pleased to see Muriwai in fine weather for a change. I had a quick explore in the bush reserve behind the houses. There’s a great short walk off Domain Crescent to a lookout which gives you fantastic views up and down the coast. And nice bush too.


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