More robin nests at Shakespear


Had an absolute stunner of a Shakespear day for sunshine and finding robin nests. We have four nests now and still none found at Tawharanui. The nest pictured is in a kiekie about two meters off the ground and easily photographed without disturbing the female. Next time I check her I’ll look to see how many eggs she has while she’s off the nest. Such tolerant birds.


I heard the resident single male robin singing in this valley behind the campground this morning so if you’re camping at Shakespear Park this summer you might get a dawn chorus of robin as well as whiteheads and all the regulars. The paired males generally sing a lot less so if he’s not so vocal later in summer it may mean he’s attracted one of this year’s fledglings as a mate. They won’t nest until next season though.You’ll find some robin song on this link.



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