Shakespear Park walk


Thanks to all of you who came to Forest and Bird’s – Discover the Wetlands walk at Shakespear Park yesterday. Though it was bracing in the wind we were unbelievably lucky to have the sun at least. I hope you get the chance to pick a nice day to do the walk again and find yourself a spotless crake. Take your binoculars as there is usually a lot more life about than we saw yesterday.

I noticed this morning that the dawn chorus was early. Over the last few weeks it has moved from 6.55 to 6.45 but this morning the first tuis and thrushes called at 6.33. A short while later a morepork called before going off to bed. I do love that day/night crossover, particularly in the evening when the tui is making its last straggling calls as the morepork begins a night of hunting.


One thought on “Shakespear Park walk

  1. Sue Courtney

    Thanks Richard. It was great. Perhaps the birds a little elusive because so many of us? I hope I am around in future years to see kiwis roam freely on the former paddock area you have pictured above.


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