Shakespear Park birds


After making a bird list at Tawharanui a couple of weeks ago I thought I should do the same for Shakespear Park. I have to admit I was surprised the tally was so close because I think of Tawharanui as having more birds. It certainly has more bird-life in sheer numbers but species wise is not so different. Here’s the list of what I saw and heard in a couple of hours:

black backed gull, red billed gull, pied stilt, banded dotterel, NZ dotterel, godwit, kingfisher, black swan, spotless crake, banded rail, white faced heron, variable oystercatcher, paradise shelduck, mallard, little shag, sparrow, starling, myna, fantail, grey warbler, yellow hammer, goldfinch, chaffinch, North Island robin, whitehead, NZ pigeon, spotted dove, harrier, tui, blackbird, song thrush, magpie, spur winged plover, pukeko,welcome swallow.

The detail in the photo above shows a morepork (owl), a NZ pigeon and a tui, and is a corner of the picture frame you see below.




5 thoughts on “Shakespear Park birds

  1. Sue Courtney

    Thanks for guiding us around the wetlands yesterday on the Forest & Bird walk. Will have to go back at dawn or dusk to see the elusive spotless crake and keen to find that fernbird you mentioned too 🙂


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