Tawharanui reef heron


The robins at Tawharanui are pretty much all at the eastern end of the park, the bits against the skyline in this photo. Every year though, I check all the western bush blocks and the edge of Hubbards Bush to see if any of this year’s young have settled in a new area. So far none have. Except for a pair which settled just outside the predator fence two years ago. They didn’t last long though and soon afterwards I found the female back in the park (near Anchor Bay) with a new mate. Obviously inside the fence is preferable.

Although I didn’t find any new robins I did see plenty of other birds. I haven’t done lists very often but today I did, missing a few “easy” birds such as brown quail, but a very interesting bunch all the same. You can get to about 50 species on a good day.

The list: paradise shelduck, mallard, spotless crake, pukeko, bellbird, fantail, grey warbler, silvereye, tui, NZ pigeon, morepork (owl), magpie, thrush, chaffinch, harrier, skylark, takahe, blackbird, whitehead, brown teal, little black shag, white-faced heron, pied stilt, pied shag, little shag, red-billed gull, saddleback, reef heron (my best bird for the day), myna, variable oystercatcher, spur-winged plover, goldfinch, greenfinch, kaka, eastern rosella. And on the way home a kookaburra was sitting on a power wire at Matakana.


Here’s a long-shot of the reef heron. It was feeding really actively around the lagoon edge and was much more wary of me than the white-faced herons nearby.


2 thoughts on “Tawharanui reef heron

  1. Richard Chambers Post author

    Hi Anne, you seem to get this sort of number just in your own garden! Tawharanui is a bit spoilt though as it has all the coastal birds as well as bush and wetland.Cheers, Richard


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