Bellbird excitement




I had an excited phonecall from my father today. He was sitting in his garden on the edge of the Hauraki Plains, south of Auckland, when he spotted a bellbird. Heard it first in fact, just one note.  He then followed the bird around the garden for a while before losing it. Mangatarata is a typical rural area with pockets of bush trapped as islands among acres of farmland. I grew up there and there weren’t any exceptional birds to speak of. Recently, though, a flock of cockatoos (eight, I think) were seen there and kaka visit every so often. So perhaps the times they are a changin’.

The bellbird picture by Craig McKenzie comes from the NZ Birds Online site where you can see more photos and hear what the bird sounds like as well. Worth a visit.


4 thoughts on “Bellbird excitement

  1. Ruth

    I was pretty pleased to see and hear a bellbird and a kingfisher on my walk on the Port Hills this morning. 🙂

  2. Stuart Chambers

    32 Sulphur-crested Cockatoos – we thought we were in Oz. Bellbird still around. Pipit and Hedge Sparrow also on the new list with us. Stu


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