A scattering of robins


I spent a couple of days this week at Shakespear Park looking at where all the new robins have settled in. They’ve spread to most places you’d expect and a few that you wouldn’t.IMG_20160602_133104

The scrubby area above with its grassy under-story is not typical robin country but here a robin lives. I’m guessing it won’t stay here too long though. They are still moving around and there is a lot of jostling for position in some of the more popular areas. The easiest place to see a robin is in Waterfall Gully where there are now two well-settled pairs. Walk slowly, but not necessarily quietly, and you’ll probably come across them. The question is why didn’t more robins settle there as it’s some of the better bush on the park. It has mature scrub and coastal forest with good leaf litter and a lovely stream and… Maybe it pays not to overthink things.


5 thoughts on “A scattering of robins

    1. Richard Chambers Post author

      Yes, we do Anne. A wonderful volunteer from the UK was in there every day tracking their movements as they settled down. There is a map at the park full of pins showing where each bird was last seen. I’ll be checking them regularly once they start to think about nesting around the end of August and we’ll know for certain just what pairs we’ve ended up with.

  1. Regina Wilson

    Hi Richard. We were at waterfall gully today 13th June & saw 2 robins. Only got the band’s of one of them Orange/blue orange/metal. The other one looked like red/blue on the (L) couldn’t get the right leg. Gina


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