Morepork (ruru)

Morepork at Tawh (2)

At Shakespear Park in early 2015 I took the kids on an evening walk up Waterfall Gully which takes about 20 minutes. In that time we passed two morepork families each of which had two young fledglings. There was just enough light that we could see them flying in the canopy and the young made a very unusual call, kind of as I’d imaging tree frogs in a tropical jungle. The parents would occasionally fly to them with food. Having read this little article, Citizen science: giving ruru a helping hand, it makes me think what I saw was pretty special. So put it in your diary to walk up Waterfall Gully in January next year and see if you chance on a young family of moreporks.

By the way the photo is taken at Tawharanui in daylight. It’s quite common to come across these birds while working in the bush and, as they have regular roosting spots you get to know where to look out for them.



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