Humble house sparrows


I don’t feed bread to the birds because I don’t want big unnatural flocks of house sparrows or starlings just there for the free feed. But sometimes I do get flocks of sparrows on the lawn (about 40 in this one) and I’m not exactly sure what they’re feeding on. My lawn is mostly kikuyu grass (Pennisetum sp) and the sparrows pull very vigorously on the stem bases. My best guess is they’re after juicy stems but this doesn’t seem typical sparrow fare. Any ideas?

And yes, another robin. This is one of the new Shakespear Park birds which has settled in Waterfall Gully. This is a very popular walking track and I predict that if it stays there it could become the most photographed NZ robin in the whole world. OB-OM (leg band combination) – you saw it here first!



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