Kohekohe fruiting



kohekohe seedI noticed a small orange seed on my doorstep the other day and recognised it as kohekohe (Dysoxylum spectabile). I assume a bird pooed it there so I checked the kohekohe in my back garden to see if the fruit was ripe and as you can see in the pic above it is ripe. I’m not sure it’s being eaten though as there are a number of seeds on the ground below still with the flesh on, meaning they haven’t passed through the gut of a bird. At Shakespear Park recently I saw half a dozen tuis in a kohekohe, presumably there for the fruit.

kohekohe seeds1

My photo doesn’t quite show it but the flower panicles (on left of fruit) sprout out of the woody trunk and branches, not from among leafy new growth. The tree itself is a very lush bright green and, although it needs keeping in check, is not too big for a home garden. The big lush leaves below are my young tree just getting to a good size to help screen out the neighbours.

kohekohe leaf


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