Robins at Shakespear Park


Yes, another North Island robin pic. I thought I’d go with it since they’re at Shakespear Park now. Of the 20 birds released a week or so ago 18 have been re-sighted which is a good result. One bird has been seen at the release site in the back of Defence land, the lower Waterfall Gully and in Kowhai Glen so they’re really having a good explore of the park before settling down. Once they do settle down they’ll stay put and if they have found a mate they’ll stay paired (as with people it’s a case of usually but not always). Except no-doubt they’ll get a shake-up in May when another 20 robins from Tiritiri Matangi Island are released. Tiri is just 3 or 4 km off the coast of Shakespear Park and robins have been there for some years. I feel a bit sorry for Tiri as they keep having their robins harvested for release into new places. However, being an island of limited space many  birds wouldn’t survive anyway as each year’s young is added to the population. They should have a better chance in Shakespear Park.


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