Grey Warbler in the house


I was on the phone to my brother yesterday when I noticed a greywarbler flying around my lounge. I think this is the first I’ve ever had inside. As you know I’ve had plenty of other birds coming in including a big kereru (NZ pigeon) which seemed even bigger in the enclosed space. The poor little greywarbler kept to the ceiling and kept losing feathers (and blood as it turned out) every time it tried to gain height. When it finally went out my brother was saying he’d had them in his house in Auckland. This surprised me as it’s a fairly build up part of town whereas I have bush nearby and plenty of trees. He thinks all the hedges in his area provide greywarblers with enough nesting and feeding habitat, and that they love the manuka in his own garden. He’s right – we should all have a corner of manuka and kanuka in our gardens.


2 thoughts on “Grey Warbler in the house

  1. Richard Chambers Post author

    These particular trees do. They are a Leptospermum sp. and a Kunzia sp. and the greywarbler seem to love them. They nested in the Kunzia (kanuka) in my garden last year and my brother had a nest in his Leptospermum (manuka). These trees also seem to have a lot of insect life.


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