Birdbath care


Keep a close eye on your birdbath at this time of year. The temperature has been consistently high and I notice my birdbaths are very quickly going murky. I find I’m having to put in fresh water every second or third day. So…

  1. If possible place your birdbath near a tap – a hose is good.
  2. Keep a scrubbing brush handy to keep algae down. Don’t be pedantic though, and don’t use cleaning products.
  3. A shaded site is best to stop water overheating.

Oddly enough I find birds use my birdbaths a bit less during the hot months than they do before Christmas. Anyone else noticed this?


One thought on “Birdbath care

  1. Anne

    During the very hot weather I notice that the birds in my garden tend to use the bird baths early in the mornings and in the cooler part of the afternoon.


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