Shakespear Park whiteheads

Whitehead by D. Snook

I was out at Shakespear Park this morning and saw another unbanded whitehead so I thought I’d put this picture up again (thanks Don) to encourage any locals to keep an eye out for them. This is a male bird, white head and undersides and pale brown on its upper parts. The female is just a little less white and the juveniles similar. The adults released last year all have leg bands as this on does, so any unbanded ones will be juveniles. The call is quite a sharp chattering with some lovely rich rolling notes a bit bellbird-like. This site has recordings and more info,

You can find a pair around the Waterfall Gully carpark/pond and anotheraround the seat above the waterfall. I also talked to a local this morning who thought she may have seen one in her garden so keep an eye out around Army Bay too. Happy birding.


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