Young whitehead at Shakespear Park



These are a couple of shots of Shakespear Regional Park that I took on an evening walk recently. I was out there again this afternoon for an event and to fill in time I followed a couple of whiteheads (Mohua albicilla) that we released into the park last year. As I got closer I saw that one of the two didn’t have identification leg bands that all the released birds were given, meaning this was the first whitehead I’ve seen born (hatched?) in the park. Totally expected but still exciting.

P.S. Re yesterday’s blog, a song thrush practically landed on me in the lounge today. Great close-up birding.



2 thoughts on “Young whitehead at Shakespear Park

  1. scourtney318

    Hi Richard, Was this in the Waterfall Gully Track area? If not, where would be a good place to possibly spot whiteheads. Thanks, Sue

    1. Richard Chambers Post author

      Hi Sue,
      Yes it was, there has been a pair around the pond/carpark area for some time and I was lucky to see them right at the predator fence there. I also saw another unbanded bird this morning on the little track running beside the tidal creek to Okoromai Bay, between the Te Haruhi road junction and Okoromai. There was another group around the seat above the waterfall too. Good luck, Richard.


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