Extreme robin nest


One lonely only chick in this nest, even though it is a second brood and these usually have three chicks. There is an unhatched egg in the nest which won’t hatch now as this chick is already about a week and a half old. While the nest is all very cosy you’ll see in the next picture that its positioning is an example of extreme nest building, perched on a peeled flap of kanuka bark. What posessed the female to build there! The nest was actually more stable than it appears but we gave it a bit of extra help anyway just to be sure.



4 thoughts on “Extreme robin nest

  1. Anne

    The chick looks very vulnerable at this stage. It reminds me of the three Cape Robin chicks in my garden that were eaten by a Burchell’s Coucal.

  2. Nature on the Edge

    Hope all goes well with the rest of the chick’s development. One wonders if birds become more experienced along the way at the nest building and construction sites? A pair of wagtails nest in our back garden and over the years – sometimes using the same nest – the choice has differed, lower or higher, more stable sometimes.

    1. Richard Chambers Post author

      It is interesting. These robins usually build a new nest each time in a new place but just occasionally reuse a site. Some of their nests are very (sensibly) secluded and then they’ll build right out in the open.

      I liked the wagtails.


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