Saddlebacks at Tawharanui

Had some lovely views of saddlebacks while I was At Tawharanui yesterday. Usually there’s too much happening to spend much time getting the camera out but yesterday I was a spectator/helper as a transmitter was put on a recently fledged robin (more about that to come) and had the time. Saddlebacks rarely sit still long enough but this one was a treat.

Ninety saddlebacks were released at Tawharanui in March 2012. They were transferred from  Red Mercury, Lady Alice and Mokoia Islands, but of course all originally come from the one population of North Island saddlebacks that remained on Hen Island after the species  became extinct on the mainland around 1910. Wherever you go now in the park you’ll hear their chattering calls and noisy fossicking. But if you get up close to a pair you can hear a quieter side to them; they talk to each other in soft mewing tones that are very romantic. Takes a bit of patience though.



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