Small flowers, Big scent


NEWS FLASH: Re 10th October post,  Morepork  hasn’t raided robin’s nest – still waiting for eggs to hatch. And now a botany note. This last month two fairly nondescript plants have been standing out in the bush because of their flowers. The strong musty smell of hangehange (Geniostoma) eminates from small clusters of pale cream flowers, letting you know it’s spring in the understory. But for sheer loveliness of scent the 2cm purplish trumpet of Alseuosmia is right up there with the best in your home garden. A member of the honeysuckle family (hence the sweet scent) it is prolific in the kauri (Agathis) forests of the north. A kauri trunk stands behind the plant in this picture.


One thought on “Small flowers, Big scent

  1. Nature on the Edge

    Good time of the year here in the southern hemisphere for flowering plants with fragrant scents …. the Cape jasmine is just coming into flower here, and the honeysuckle will come a bit later. Hope those robins hatch and evade the morepork’s attention.


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