Massive Wenderholm landslide


In real estate jargon this picture shows the ‘open air living and expansive sea views’ of a piece of bush which used to be, actually, in the middle of the bush. I work on pest control at Wenderholm and this is where one of my lines used to carry on down another 40 – 50m to a bait station under a big old puriri tree on the old cliff edge. The old cliff edge is now down ……. there.

P1150468 P1150457

This landslide may have been triggered by an earthquake which occurred at about the same time on the morning of 28th October but the sheer nature of it shows it must have just been hanging on. While there has been a lot of crumbling (which continues) and shattering, there is still a large piece if intact bush forming a new shelf perched above the sea. It’ll be very interesting to see if its vegetation changes much over the next ten years or so. And somewhere in this area is one of my bait stations and a line of orange marker tape which I probably won’t worry too much about checking for a while.



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