Shakespear Park Bird Count

Whitehead by D. Snook

Yesterday was the annual OSNZ bird count at Shakespear Regional Park. The counting was good but the whiteheads were great. You may remember in July 60 whiteheads were released in the Defence land next to Shakespear Park. Some of these stayed exactly where they were released but others that were lost for a while are now starting to turn up all over the park. The first I found inside the park were at the Waterfall Gully carpark by early August and these have been there ever since. You couldn’t ask for an easier place to see them feeding around the bush edges. Yesterday while counting with Don Snook (he kindly sent me the whitehead photo above) I found another two pairs. One next to the campground will add to the dawn chorus for campers this summer but the other is in the clifftop vegetation and much harder to get to. I’m thinking that if these pairs were hiding here unknown there must be a number of others that will turn up and surprise us. Keep your ears tuned.


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