NZ dotterel, Wenderholm (TB)

On a very wet and miserable Sunday we decided a walk at Wenderholm Regional Park would be a good idea. Because of the rain we did some car window birdwatching at the Waiwera sewage ponds on the way. I’ll give you our list because it’s very different from most other places nearby; Canada geese, Australasian shoveller, NZ scaup, Australian coot, mallard, paradise shelduck, black swan and welcome swallows. In most places mallards make up the bulk but here there were 8 mallards (and some little ducklings skittering over the water) but over 30 shovellers.


Wenderholm felt verdant after the rain. You can see some yellow kowhai and white clematis flowers dotting the canopy and every shade of green. Beside the estuary were a pair of variable oystercatchers with their striking beak and eye, and a pair of NZ dotterel in breeding plumage. They breed (perhaps not successfully) on the opposite sandy side of the estuary.



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