Arkles Bay Stormwater Pond

Arkles pond sad ducks Arkles pond dredged

This is the stormwater catchment pond at Arkles Bay. It allows sediments to settle out and the cleaner water then runs into the sea a few hundred meters away. Until recently its main inhabitants have been mallard ducks (seen here with a lone black backed gull), pukekos, and the odd paradise shelduck and little shag . Over the last few years though, as the pond vegetation matured, a pair of black swans took up residence. They successfully raised young for two seasons building up a nest in the dense raupo which had been growing in one corner of the pond. Sadly this went when the council diggers gave the pond the cleanout seen in the photos, so it may be a while before the swans return. Another recent arrival was an Australian coot which would, according to the field guide ‘favour shallow, sheltered bays fringed with extensive (you guessed it) raupo beds…’.


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