Tawharanui takahe

Three Tawh takahe 038

I don’t often bump into takahe but these three live in the area where I work most at Tawharanui and its been great to be able to watch them. The three seem to stick together like glue. I don’t know if they’re males or females but perhaps we’ll see a split when they start breeding. Nine takahe are currently at Tawharanui with another three due to arrive in March. Six pairs would be great but it doen’t often work out like that. In fact one bird has already been relocated from Tawharanui because it repeatedly tried to escape around the fence end. The birds carry transmitters so their whereabouts can be monitored (you can see the white aerial on their backs) as they are a little too precious to lose.

Tawh takahe


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