Hamilton Gardens

Tudor Garden, Hamilton (5)Tudor Garden, Hamilton (1)

I strayed south to Hamilton today and had time for a quick whiz around the botanic gardens. The new Tudor garden was the one I was keen to see and with its’ immaculate knot garden and statuary it really looks the part. As do all the theme gardens. It was only afterwards I thought about how few birds I had seen. Even in some of the more treed areas, such as the Maori food garden, the birds were pretty much not there.

Maori garden, Hamilton (1)

The only area birds were abundant was in the huge vegetable garden where a mass of sparrows were tucking into corn kernels which had dried in situ on the cob. You can rely on seed to bring out the birds in number if not in variety. The sunflower should bring a few chaffinches and goldfinches as well as it ripens (an unusual variety of sunflower this one!).

Sunflower, Hamilton

Next time I’m in Hamilton I’ll take more time to see if this lack of birds in the gardens is a reality or just in my head.


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